Taak Paak Of Groom For Non Bengali Wedding (Special) Small

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Taal Paat ka mala used in non-bengali wedding.

Made with moti and artificial stones.

Size: 26 inch

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In Bihari weddings, ‘Taak Paak’ is a significant ritual where the groom is adorned with a distinctive headgear known as the ‘Sehra.’ This elaborate headdress, made of flowers, beads, and decorative elements, is a symbol of honor and embellishment. The ‘Taak Paak’ ceremony occurs just before the groom proceeds to the wedding venue.

During this ritual, family members lovingly place the ‘Sehra’ on the groom’s head, covering his face partly or entirely, symbolizing his status and importance as the central figure of the ceremony. The ‘Sehra’ is intricately designed, featuring vibrant flowers, pearls, and embellishments, showcasing the richness of tradition and culture in Bihari weddings.

The ‘Taak Paak’ ceremony holds emotional significance as it signifies the groom’s readiness to embark on the sacred journey of marriage. The act of adorning him with the ‘Sehra’ is also a moment of pride for his family, marking the auspicious beginning of the wedding festivities.


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