Taak Paak Of Bride For Non Bengali Wedding (Classic)

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Taal Paak ka mala used in non-bengali wedding.


In Bihari weddings, the Taak Paak ritual is a significant and cherished tradition symbolizing the acceptance of the bride into the groom’s family. During this ritual, the bride, adorned in traditional attire, circles the groom seven times, known as the ‘Saat Phere’ or ‘Saat Paak’. As she completes each round, she touches seven ‘Tak’ or betel nuts placed strategically to represent seven vows of marriage.

The Taak Paak ritual holds deep cultural and symbolic importance. It signifies the bride’s commitment to the seven promises of a marital union, which include mutual respect, love, companionship, and support in joy and sorrow. Additionally, it marks her acceptance into the groom’s family, signifying her role and responsibilities within the new household.

This ritual is performed amidst chants and blessings from the elderly, symbolizing the bride’s dedication and devotion to her new life and family. The Taak Paak ritual not only emphasizes the sacredness of marriage but also underscores the values and commitments essential for a successful and harmonious married life.

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